Dooney and Flowers

June 29

Dooney Bourke leather shopper white lace scallop shortsBlue white stripe shirt and white floral lace scallop shorts summer outfit ideaTop: Primark, similar here from Glamfabstyle // Shorts: Joe Fresh (old), similar here ($44) // Bag: Dooney & Bourke (similar here with shoulder straps or the classic logo version here) // Sandals: Liz Claiborne ($29.99)Dior so real sunglasses Primark dupeSunglasses: Primark, similar here from BP ($12) // Earrings: F21 (old) Brown leather Dooney shopper and scallop braceletBracelet: F21, black and white version here.

You know you’ve been away from your blog a long time when you forget your log-in and can’t remember how to change the privacy on uploaded pictures. I almost published this post without any pictures enabled as “public view”!

It’s been a crazy few weeks since I’ve started work. NYC is constantly exciting and challenging me. I’m getting used to 10-hour workdays, an endless whirl of happy hour events, and the noise of the city outside my window (the first few nights, I could barely sleep because of the constant traffic outside).

I’ve found out that the reason NYC apartments are so small (besides the fact that there is no space on this peninsula) is because no one hardly spends any time at home: I only return after I’ve exhausted the workload and nightlife. Will I eventually burn out? I’m not sure. The above pictures of me from a more idyllic time, wearing casual clothes at my family home in Texas, do make me miss the wide open fields and a slower pace of life (and yes, those are fake flowers in my bag. You should have heard my mom when I snuck them out of the vase so I could pose with them).

I’ll be sure to write up my experience as a law firm summer associate soon. See you, until the next time I get a breather and remember to post!

New Beginnings – White Floral Cut Out Overlay Midi Dress

May 23

Blue bow ladylike crossbody box bagChicwish white full floral overlay midi dressBlue bow bag and white floral lace overlay midi skirt

I’m writing to you from Manhattan, New York! It’s been hectic moving to the Big Apple and navigating my first few days at the law firm. One of my major stressors has been the fact that I budgeted just enough money to last me until my first paycheck, which actually left me in quite the predicament this past week: I was briefly completely broke, in Manhattan, the most expensive city imaginable.

Luckily, with the help of good friends (and the law firm’s generous summer welcome receptions), I’ll be fine (and since I’m being compensated during this internship, there was no real danger). Still the thrill of moving to a new city and briefly claiming the title of “starving student trying to hack it in New York City” makes for an exciting story. Anyone want to cast me in their next sitcom or reality show?

Chicwish full floral midi lace overlay dressBite beauty lipstick and gold leaf headband

Dress: Chicwish (size up, I am wearing a size large) // Shoes: JCP (old), similar here also from JCP // Bag: gifted, similar here for $31 (smaller size with bigger bow) or another one ($67) (same size and giant bow) // Headband: F21 // Lip color: BITE beauty “Lingonberry” // Belt: borrowed from an Abercrombie top

Field of Flowers

May 11
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Green H&M chiffon peplum long sleeve dressNude gladiator sandals from Nordstrom RackGreen mini peplum dress in flower fieldGreen mini peplum dress with tassels

Dress: H&M, gray version here // Bag: Forever 21 // Necklace: Juicy Couture // Sandals: Nordstrom Rack, similar here or here

Oh hello! I’m finally finished with the semester; I haven’t disappeared off the face of the planet, even though my final exams sometimes made me want to be swallowed up by the earth.

After missing a week of posting, it became easier and easier to neglect the blog. And I liked the idea of living out the wonderful new experiences instead of trying to document them in picture-perfect Instagram pictures.

In addition, so many things have been happening in my life that I felt overwhelmed just thinking about posting an update. I start a new job next week! I also met someone new! But most of all, spring is here, and with it comes a flurry of beautiful sights and natural goodness. Nothing sums up my excitement for the blooming season than these pictures from a flower field in my hometown in Texas. Here’s hoping that your spring is shaping up to be a restorative revival.

No Frills

April 12

Zara off the shoulder frill blouse and Joules navy welliesTrench coat ripped jeans and navy Joules floral rain bootsZara poplin off the shoulder frill blouse

Blouse: Zara // Trench Coat: F21 (old), exact dupe found on eBay or khaki green version here (ASOS) // Ripped Jeans: Abercrombie, similar here ($21.90) // Rain boots: Joules

This top actually solves one of my greatest problems: how can I wear the off-the-shoulder trend when I am NOT a stick-thin, size 0 model? Off-the-shoulder blouses look great on store mannequins because they don’t have to worry about pesky things like undergarments. But outside of beaches, could I ever wear a top that lets everything hang loose? (pun intended)

For the rest of us, who aren’t made of plastic and who need some (ahem) support, this top ($35) is the best of both worlds. It has coverage and even a collar, which means you can wear it around town casually, instead of saving your off-the-shoulder garments for summer.

Flare hem trench coat and Joules navy floral welliesTwist lock bracelet and open choker

Necklace: H&M, similar here ($22) // Bracelet: F21 (similar here from Nordstrom Rack) // Nail polish: ‘Limo Scene”

Joules Wellies Rainboots Review

April 10
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Joules navy floral rainboot review

One of the first purchases I made when I came to Boston last year was a pair of rain boots. I knew I needed something to survive the slush and snow. What I didn’t know was that Boston winter lasts from November to mid-April, which means I could wear rain boots for almost half the year. Luckily, I had the foresight to choose a pair of colorful Joules wellies that would match any outfit and turn out to be one heck of a great investment . . .

(Just to let you know, this post is not sponsored in any way—I’m writing this for readers who are genuinely curious about whether or not Joules wellies live up to their one-year warranty).

Two things attracted me to these Joules boots. First of all, the print is gorgeous and fairly unique. Both Joules and Hunter boots hail from Britain, but unlike the solid-colored Hunter wellies I see everywhere in Boston, these boots add punches of color to a drab winter outfit.

I’ve had tons of girls WEARING Hunter boots come up to me and compliment the intricate crest and flowers splayed across my boot. (And it doesn’t hurt that Joules boots are about $50 or $75, compared to $100 or $120 for Hunter boots).

I will say that one difference between Joules and Hunter boots is that Joules has a more forgiving shaft width, which means that women with wider calves can fit better into Joules boots. You can also stuff some thick socks into these boots without feeling like you’re wearing a sausage casing.

Joules floral rain boots review

Above, you can see how the boots looked when I got them last year. Joules boots are lined with contrasting fabric inside (mine was lined with red and white stripes), and the boots come in a box that was papered over with yellow floral print. As far as presentation goes, Joules gets an A+ off the bat.

Each boot also comes with a small logo plate in front of the boot, much like the HUNTER logo on Hunter boots. The bottoms are also raised and padded with extra rubber.

The second reason I chose Joules was because its boots are backed with a 12-month warranty. On the Joules website, it states:

  • “All Joules Rain boots purchased through our shops, via Joules mail order, official stockists or on are guaranteed to the original purchaser for 12 months from the date of purchase against manufacturing faults and imperfections.”

Rain boots are one of those items that you can’t be sure of until you put them to the test, so I felt a little better knowing that these boots were backed up with a warranty just in case I discovered a leak. And oh boy, did I put these boots to the test . . .

Joules rain boots wellies in slush and snow

These pictures are taken from my daily walk to school. As you can see, I have to maintain footing on fresh snow powder as well as wade through slushy puddles. I have not slipped in these boots yet, thanks to the traction on the bottom of the wellies.

In case you aren’t completely sold on the warranty, you can get Joules rain boots at Nordstrom and at Target (you can find a navy floral boot very similar to mine at Target right now). Both stores are known for their generous return policies, so you get double protection in case you wear out your boot—which hasn’t happened to me yet!

Joules navy floral wellies rain boots review

After a year of wear, you can see that the color has faded a little at the bottom of the boot, but I’m betting a lot of that is just dust and a quick wash will rejuvenate the boot.

Other than that, no amount of ice has pierced the boot, despite the heavy winter wear. The only downside is that my socks will sometimes get wet at the tip if I continuously stand or wade through water for more than 10 minutes (yep, Boston weather sucks). I feel like this is completely fair, however: these are just rubber boots, not boots made out of impenetrable diamond.

I have no doubt that these boots will last me another 12 months while maintaining their vivid colors. My only complaint is that Joules has so many beautiful color options available right now, and I can’t justify another purchase since my wellies have held up so well! But if you are experiencing April showers, and want some joyful boots to perk up your rainy mood, here are the patterns I have my eyes on:

Joules pink polka dot mint bow back wellies

Bow tie rainboots // Pink polka dot rainboots // Black and white floral

Mint and pink // Dog print // Pink floral boots