July 28
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Chicwish garden embroidered organza dress and Jack Rogers wedgesChicwish floral organza embroidered dressChicwish garden embroidered organza dress and gray quilted crossbodyChicwish garden embroidered organza dress and gray quilted box crossbody

Dress: Chicwish (I bought a size L so the waist would hit at my natural waist, and then I had the sides taken in) // Bag: BCBG, similar here ($30) // Sandals: Jack Rogers, metallic version here or natural cork colors here// Lip color: ‘Coral Blossom‘ //

Chicwish beige organza embroidered dressNYC High line overlooking the street

Since coming to New York, I’ve actually spent a lot more time in parks and gardens than I ever did. Doesn’t that sound counterintuitive, since New York is known as the concrete jungle? But I think it’s because New York has such a reputation for being grimy and claustrophobic that New Yorkers seek out greenery much more frequently.

These pictures were taken on the lovely Highline, which used to be an elevated train track cutting through the city. Now it’s been converted to a garden high above the street. You can see some industrial elements left over, like in the last picture where the railing overlooks the avenue below. However, most of the tracks are now lush gardens teeming with florals—a perfect match for the florals on my embroidered dress!

Photography credit: Devon M.

Summer Whites and Darks

July 26
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White ripped jeans and purple snakeskin bagWhite jeans summer outfit ideaWhite jeans and floral ruffle tankFloral ruffle tank and white jeans summer outfit

When summer hits, the light colors come out to play: whites, pastels, and florals. What’s really unexpected though, is pairing those whites with some darker textures and shades: wine-red lipstick and purple snakeskin.

Also, I’m so glad that I found a fellow fashionista and future blogger to take photos with! Devon helped me photograph this outfit in the West Village in front of some quaint shops and townhouses. I can’t wait until she launches her blog so you can get an eye of her style (she used to be a model, so taking pictures with her was quite intimidating!)

Rimmel Bordeaux lipstickAnn Taylor patent bow nude pumps

Top: Target, similar here // Jeans: Hollister // Lipstick: “Bordeaux” // Shoes: Ann Taylor // Necklace: F21, similar here from Charter Club // Bag: Marshall’s, similar here


July 21

Tiered ruffle black skirt and Ann Taylor bow patent heelsBlack tiered ruffle skirt and bow heelsBlack tier ruffle skirt and bow patent Ann Taylor heels

As serious as law school is sometimes, what surprised me the most was how many social events there were. It seemed like every week there were happy hours, cocktail receptions, and parties to attend.

When I’m going to a party for the second time in a week, my tried-and-true cocktail dresses seem so repetitive. That’s why I’ve been known to change it up, with a bobble-ponytail (created with evenly-spaced hair ties and hair extensions), a two-piece instead of a dress, and some sleek jewelry and bow pumps to tone down the ensemble so I don’t look too crazy.

Bobble pony hair style

Top: Zara, exact copy here from Mango ($22.90) // Skirt: Zara, similar here (shorter and above the knee) // Necklace: F21 here ($3.90)

Bow patent heelsDouble knob open bracelet

Lipstick: Dior, in the color “Rieuse” // Heels: Ann Taylor (only the blush pink color is available now) // Bracelet: F21, similar here from Overstock ($13.99)

Money Diary: A “Biglaw” Summer Associate’s Weekly Spending

July 16

Money diariesOne cornerstone of my blog is honesty, whether I’m being honest about the pressures of blogging, to the unsavory aspects of the industry. That’s why I’m introducing a new series that covers something bloggers rarely talk about: the money that supports their blogs. Fashion blogs require a lot of “investment” from the constant churn of new clothing. And today, I’m sharing how I earn and spend my money over a typical week.

I’m working in a big law firm this summer (also known as a “biglaw” office). What most people don’t know is that large law firms all pay the same lockstep salary to employees. This is great for, among many other things, cutting down on pay discrimination.

But just because everyone gets the same salary doesn’t mean we spend it in the same ways. As a summer associate, I’m lucky to be paid on the same scale as a first-year associate. I will definitely have to do a couple of posts like this, because one thing is certain in biglaw: every week is a different beast.

The Rules:

  • Rent ($1800) is included in my spending for the week that it’s due. Savings are also included as “costs,” since the money is leaving my checking account.
  • My firm pays for dinner if I stay at work past 8PM. Every time I take advantage of this perk, I will note it in the day’s diary.
  • I also get free lunch if an associate or partner invites me out. I’ll note whenever this happens.

Money diary blogger and summer associate

  • Breakfast: I stop by Whole Foods on the way to work. I buy an overpriced yogurt in a cute glass bottle. $4.69.
  • Lunch: I have tons of work to do, so some of my floormates and I make a quick run to Au Bon Pain. I get the Chicken Cobb Avocado salad, my fave. $9.80.
  • Shopping: During my lunch break, I start browsing Chicwish (bad idea). I decide to splurge on a beautiful floral embroidered dress (seen in the pictures above) and a red skirt with a bow waist. After using a discount code, I spend $90.88.

Money diary

  • Lunch: A partner is an alumnus from our law school, and he is treating everyone from our law school to lunch. We have a three-course lunch while he shares his war stories.
  • 6 p.m. I break a fingernail while furiously researching my long-term memo. I find a nearby salon on Yelp and get a manicure with Essie’s ‘Sugar Daddy’ polish. $18.60.
  • Shopping: I have a ton more work to do and it’s already 7PM. I know I get paid on Friday, so I decide to get something on my Amazon wishlist early.
    • I buy a pair of pink-and-white gaming headphones (I play tons of video games). They are expensive but hopefully I won’t have to buy another pair for years. $92.54.
  • 8 p.m. Here I am, working late at the firm again. I order sushi and expense it to the firm.

Money diary budget planner law firm summer associate

  • Breakfast: I have some leftovers that are about to go bad, so I eat them for breakfast.
  • Lunch: Another summer associate and I attend a lunch at Le Bernadin with two full-time associates. The firm pays.
  • 4 p.m. I need some caffeine/sugar, so I head over to McDonald’s for my secret vice, a mocha frappe. $2.82.
  • 6:40 p.m. Anticipating that I’ll have to stay late again, I order Indian naan and chicken tikka masala, delivered and expensed to the firm.

Money diary weekly spending biglaw summer associate

  • Breakfast: I eat the leftover naan and chicken tikka masala from last night.
  • Lunch: I go to lunch with full-time associates and some other summers. The firm pays and we are treated to sake and omakase sushi.
    • After lunch, the associates take us to a bakery. We get a budget of $65 to spend there (!!). I get a box of tarts for my officemates and an iced mocha latte. The other summers also got a few pies.
  • Shopping: Some people take a break in the afternoon to go to the gym, which is across the street. Instead, I go online shopping and see a beautiful pink dress covered in bows and I immediately buy it for $106. Yep, I rewarded myself.
  • 6:30 p.m. I am so done with the day that I order food as early as the firm will pay for it. I get Chinese comfort food.

Money diary spending

  • 9:30 a.m. I eat in the firm’s cafeteria, where the food is subsidized. I get fruit, sausage links, and eggs. $8.91.
  • Lunch: I need to finish my work because I’m going on vacation next week. I make a quick run to KFC, one block away. I have a soft spot for their hot wings. $12.84.
  • I GET PAID! Picked up my check and immediately deposited it. After taxes, my net income for two weeks’ work is ($4326.61).
    • I immediately Venmo my roommate my share of the rent payment. $1800. Living in NYC is expensive.
    • I deposit $1500 into my Roth IRA account. Never too early to think about retirement, right?
    • The rest of my paycheck (about $500 after the rest of the week’s expenses) will hold me over until I get paid again.
  • Shopping: I notice that a white eyelet romper I’ve been wanting for weeks has just restocked in my size and I add to cart: $58
  • 6:30 p.m. Again, I have to be done with everything before I leave for vacation. I crave sushi again after eating it at lunch yesterday, so I order a huge batch. Firm pays.

Fashion blogger money diary

  • I leave for my vacation! I’m visiting some friends (and also seeing a guy I’m interested in since he’s conveniently in the same city . . . haha).
    • I woke up late and didn’t have time to eat, so I grabbed some nuts and water from CVS to snack on during the bus ride. $9.61.
    • I spent $61 on Greyhound bus tickets for this trip.
  • I spend $2.10 on subway tickets to get to my final destination.
  • Food (pasta) for the night is generously paid for.

Money diary law firm summer associate

  • I meet up with the guy I’m interested in and we hit up Shake Shack for some delicious burgers and fries. I pay because he’s already asked me out for dinner tonight and he will be paying for that. $27.29.
  • Afternoon: The guy invites me and his friends over to his beautiful pool. I lay out on the pool chairs for several hours, watching him and his friends swim. There are worse ways to spend a sunny afternoon.
  • Dinner: The guy takes me out to an Italian place that has absolutely delicious lobster ravioli. I pay for the Ubers there and back ($5.11 and $4.73), but he pays for the expensive meal.
  • We get back just in time to watch Game of Thrones with friends. Nothing like murder and intrigue to help the food digest!

P.S. Monday

  • I’m on vacation, but the working world hasn’t stopped spinning. I have to call into a phone conference for one of my matters. This isn’t technically part of my week, but this is just one example of how a law firm requires you to be on call 24/7!

Money diary spending breakdown

This was an expensive week! The next time I post, my costs will be way lower now that rent is taken care of for the week. I also had a ton of free lunches and dinners this week because of my workload, which won’t always be the case. I bet you’ll see tons more Seamless costs starting next week.

And if you thought my shopping was egregious for just one week, I have to agree with you: just imagine how much Gal Meets Glam or Pink Peonies spends in a week, given that they photograph new clothes every day! The overconsumption and “keeping up” with trends are a couple of reasons why my blogging has slowed down recently. It feels exhausting and unsustainable to constantly be on the lookout for new deals and items.

Hope you enjoyed this peek into my money diary! Let me know if this series is something you’ll look forward to reading in the future.

Fourth of July at the Beach

July 4
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Marleylilly monogram stripe hat at the beachBeach outfit fourth of july Kate spade bow tie front swimsuitKate spade bow tie front swim suit fourth of july beach outfit

I hope everyone is having a great Fourth of July weekend. Hopefully you are somewhere warm, sunny, and next to a body of water. I will be celebrating America’s freedom by scarfing down some cheese fries and giving my credit card a workout at the mall, indulging in America’s favorite pastime (capitalism)!

Kate Spade red bow tie front halter swim suitEarrings: Claire’s, similar here in silver // Lip color: BITE in “Eggplant” // Swimsuit: Kate Spade // Necklace: F21Marleylilly stripe monogram sun hat and scallop monogram tote

Sunglasses: Primark, similar here from Nordstrom ($12) // Hat: Marleylilly ($28.99) // Sandals: Primark, similar here from Asos ($29.12) // Bag: Marleylilly ($29.99) // Towel: Primark, similar here