October 19

Black white pattern puffer vest layered over button up shirtPuffer vest layering ideas for fallWhat to wear under a puffer vestBlack and white puffer vest with gold accentsPuffer vest and polka dot button up blouse

Vest: TJMaxx // Shirt: Ann Taylor (last year, similar polka dot blouse here) // Bag: Primark // Shoes: F21 (old, this year’s version here) // Lip color: “Cherry Nectar” (on sale at Sephora for $7!)

A funny thing happens when I set up my tripod to take blog pictures: I always draw a crowd. I don’t mind it–in fact, I’ve gotten used to posing while people hover around me. There are often 2-3 people taking pictures right next to me (trust me, it took a looong time to be comfortable posing while they lingered!)

Why does this happen? I think it’s all about opening people’s eyes up to beauty.

I love photography because it forces you to consider scenery and angles that you never did before. When you learn to “see,” you can find the beauty in things like fences, and appreciate the angle of the sun or how a tree perfectly covers the aperture in your camera. I like to think that the backgrounds I photograph are beautiful or at least not ugly. But most people pass by these areas daily without stopping or even thinking about the area’s aesthetic value.

So when I set up my tripod—a very public act of appreciation–people stop and start to take in what I might be photographing. They open their eyes to the beauty in that moment. And that’s at least what happened during this shoot: a girl, two old women, and two men stopped to look at me, and in doing so, they spotted the lovely curlicue gate and the mansion behind me. Instead of hurriedly passing by like everyone had done so before I whipped out my camera, they wanted photos in front of the gate. They took photos of the mansion, they stood near me so they could benefit from the light hitting the stone pavement, so they could capture the glow of the setting sun.

And that’s why I no longer mind when people take pictures near me. They just want to experience a simple, beautiful moment, as do I. If I can be a trendsetter to help them do that, then my photos become that much more special to me.

Plaid on Plaid

October 17
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Red plaid aerie blanket scarfRed plaid blanket scarf over green plaid shirtdressTory Burch Amanda riding bootsMonogram gold ribbon necklace 1.5 inchesRed plaid scarf worn as shawlTory Burch brown riding boots

Scarf: Aerie, similar here // Dress: UNIQLO, similar here ($23) // Boots: Tory Burch (this year’s version here) // Necklace: Etsy // Bag: Primark // Lip Color: NYX

This weekend: I forced my friend who hadn’t watched Stranger Things to binge-watch the whole thing, got creeped on while I was taking blog photos, and ate a pizza for breakfast and a burger for dinner. Next week’s itinerary is to NOT eat anymore pizza or burgers in preparation for my Halloween costume (skin tight spandex, uh-oh). Any hints as to what you’re going to be dressed as for Halloween? I love guessing people’s costumes!

Yellow Tree

October 14
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Yellow bomber jacket and silver bootsSilver ankle boots and yellow satin bomber jacketYellow satin bomber jacket and black quilted box bagNew York is always a good idea bomber jacketYellow satin Forever 21 floral bomber

Jacket: F21, similar here in cream and here in light yellow // Choker: F21 // Bag: F21 (old), similar here from Missguided// Jeans: (they have a little rip at the knees) // Boots: Primark, similar here from Topshop

I was Uber-ing over to my boyfriend’s (I was sicker than a dog and he promised to give me meds and take care of me) when I spotted this yellow tree across the river. Speeding by in my delirious fever state, I memorized what the tree looked like before it disappeared around the bend.

Later, as I was taking a nap after downing some medication, I had a fever dream that I was walking toward an ancient, wise tree covered in yellow leaves. The tree touched me with a branch and I felt light and full of power. When I woke up, I began blabbering about a yellow tree to my bewildered boyfriend, who probably thought I had lost it.

Well, the joke’s on him, because I found that tree again today. Although it doesn’t seem to be magical (my cough is still lingering), the branches and leaves make for a great backdrop. And if yellow is truly a healing color, I decided to drape myself in the cheery shade—just for good luck.

Life is Good – Amanda Riding Boots

October 11
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White jeans fall outfit with Tory Burch bootsNavy and red plaid fall outfit inspo with white jeansTory Burch Amanda riding bootsMonogrammed ribbon necklace and red navy plaid shirt

Top: Primark, similar here from Nordstrom // Necklace: Etsy // Cardigan: JCP (old), similar here from 6PM ($30) // Jeans: Am. Eagle // Boots: Tory Burch (old version, this year’s version here) // Bag: F21, similar here from Calvin Klein // Lipstick: “Oh Miley” //

Just like how we never appreciate something until it’s gone, I didn’t appreciate my ability to breathe effortlessly and maintain a normal body temperature until I caught the flu this week. I really ought to thank my body for doing those background things more often!

Nonetheless, even though I’m confined in bed, I still feel oddly optimistic. I even told my boyfriend this morning, “we are so lucky.” After all, this sickness will pass, I will have the freedom to romp around Boston soon, I will eat some more pastries and take pictures of the trees changing colors. I’m luckier than most, and I should have appreciate that fact before sickness forced me to confront it. I hope the rest of you are having a better week!

P.S. I now have a Facebook page for my blog! If you would like live updates but don’t have Twitter, or you appreciate my sale alerts and dupe alerts, please consider liking it!

Fall Break – Sleeveless Mock Neck Sweater

October 9

White jeans cognac booties fall outfitTaupe mockneck sleeveless sweater and white jeans fall outfit inspoMarble print clutch and taupe mock neck sleeveless sweaterMelted Nude lip color from Too FacedPave hoop earrings and gold bar necklace

Mock neck top: Premise Studio ($20) // Jeans: Am. Eagle // Booties: F21, similar here from BCBG // Necklace: F21, rose-gold version here // Earrings: Dillard’s, exact same here // Lip color:Melted Nude‘ // Marble clutch: Primark, similar here from Boohoo ($20) // #starbucksdrink: priceless

It’s fall break for us law students, and while some of my friends are off in other states (or countries, according to Facebook), I decided to take it slow and chill with my boyfriend and his friends over the next few days. We already pigged out and hit up all my favorite lunch spots–if you follow me on Insta, you’ll know that I’ve eaten at Tatte Bakery about 3 times this week.

I’m working on a few posts about some industry events I attended last week, as well as trying to put together a press package for brands that want to work with me. The fact that people are actually interested in collaborating with me blows my mind: my blog started as a place to rant about fashion bloggers and Taylor Swift (no joke, one of my first “viral” posts was about Taylor and her exes).

Now that I have a break from classes, I’m taking advantage of the free time to put some time into my blog and make it look a little more professional (so if you’re looking for that Taylor Swift post, I’m probably taking it down!)