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April 1

Perfect fashion blogger life morning teaLast weekend was one of the best I’ve had in a long time. It’s always a treat to wake up to a cup of tea but even more so when there are fresh blooms in the room.

Gold diamond hoop earrings pink turtleneck sweater NYX Istanbul lip cream

Easter weekend was absolutely amazing!!! We had lots of Easter festivities and everything felt happy. It was kind of a stressful and really busy few days leading up to the weekend so I was really excited to escape a couple hours with friends. We had so many laughs, yummy food and rosé while out in the spring sunshine all day. White hollister off the shoulder dress This white dress is an absolute favorite of mine. I think everyone needs a classic white for spring and summer! Also I love this dress from Nordstrom here. And here. And this dress. And here, here, or here. I also found a similar one here, or one for $30 here, or one with a v-neck here and here and here. Momoya sushi lunch special Friday & Saturday nights are our date nights. We tried to take advantage of our time together this weekend! It’s cheesy but one of my favorite things to do is go to dinner! And get a smoothie. For dessert, macarons are the way to go. Along with a plate of donuts and cupcakes arranged artfully around my shoes on the table. This nail polish is one of my faves – I love the way it looks. It’s so stunning and will go with so much of my wardrobe!

Here’s to a smooth-ie start for the day. #smoothie #strawberrysmoothie #strawberries #tropical A photo posted by Brittney (@beautyvbrainsblog) on

After a long, hard day of running errands and brunch meetings, I love to relax with a spa day and a face mask. I put on The Bachelor and do my nails.

Gosh, I’m so relatable, with my life of leisure. I can’t wait to take pictures while twirling in a flower field, before getting some avocado toast. Thank you so much for stopping by!! <3





Ok, so this is pretty obviously an April Fool’s post making fun of how bloggers write and showcase their lives. In case you thought I was being over-the-top when I wrote this post, I mostly just copied and pasted from blogs like Gal Meets Glam, Barefoot Blonde, and The Sweetest Thing.

The best satire is the truth, usually. Us bloggers sound like a superficial and insipid bunch.

This April Fool’s, I wanted to pull the curtain back on blogger behaviors so that we aren’t fooling anyone. Sure, bloggers portray an aspirational lifestyle where apartments are bright, and where desserts are colorful yet doesn’t make anyone fat.

The reality is a little muddier. Bloggers work with affiliate programs that teach us how to take the perfect Instagram shot (so we can sell more products). Instead of presenting original content, often bloggers are tempted to sell out and became mouthpieces for established clothing brands. When readers get tired of the sponsored content, bloggers often censor comments and ignore “haters.”

How fashion bloggers take Instagram pictures

Today, I’ll show you some of my reality. This is how many shots it takes to get the perfect Instagram picture to show off the flowers that I bought. I kept the flowers alive for a record 9 days (so I could reuse them in more photos).


Brittney, in real life, doesn’t pose perfectly with one hand in her windblown hair, looking off to the side. The real Brittney smiles like an idiot for an outfit photo (without realizing I still had the tag on my sweater) (and completely oblivious to the child face-planting in the background).

Labbit birthday cake

What’s real-life Brittney’s most treasured possession? It’s not shoes or bags. Instead, it’s this stuffed rabbit with a mustache on its face (seen here attending my little sister’s birthday party). Sure, these styrofoam plates aren’t Insta-worthy, but this day was surely more memorable than some picture of latte foam art and my #bagoftheday.


The real Brittney sends tons of weird selfies on Snapchat (follow me 👻: beautyvbrains). My Instagram and blog are “curated” to present a clean, streamlined image to the world. But I’m never as well-dressed or as pensive as I might come across on social media.

The truth is that I oversleep for class, I stress-eat entire chocolate bars and then skip breakfast to make up the calories, and I have had to crop my blog photos because I still have pasta residue on my face in some pictures.

I’m a mess, I laugh at Vine videos in the middle of class, and I listen to old Jonas Brothers songs when I’m at the gym.

I think I’ve had enough of the year-round April Fool’s joke that the fashion blogging industry has perpetuated: no blogger goes to brunch every day (always ordering the same boring mimosas and avocado toast) or come out of Pilates class with dewy makeup on. No blogger maintains their size 2 figure by eating all the macarons and donuts and ramen on their Instagrams. Some bloggers aren’t even size 2 to begin with, but we photoshop so well that you can’t tell the difference.

So I’m going to continue being the snarky jokester, exposing the fashion blogging stereotypes that have become a tired riff, and I hope more bloggers will join me. After all, it’s not hard to laugh at bloggers when we are constantly writing the jokes about ourselves.


  • Thu Nguyen

    I was just discussing this with my little yesterday! How it’s unfortunate that authentic content (like promoting a brand you truly like instead of doing it just for the money) is kind of hard to come by and pick out from the masses. Really appreciate the behind the scenes post :)

    • Thanks, Thu. I’m thinking of doing one per month (to show the sausage-making process of blogging).

  • <33 You're so sweet, thx for visiting!

    Jk. Leah, you always have the funniest comments and I love how you keep it real in your instagram captions as well.

  • I loved this, Brittney. I couldn’t help but laugh at your gushing captions–the excessive number of dress links was too good. Social media posts really are a process-I can totally relate to shooting countless photos just to get that one right shot. I think sometimes we forget that behind that polished, perfectly-framed, and meticulously-edited photo is a real person who has just as many human moments as the next person. That’s why I love posts like these–thank you for keeping it real!

    imperfect idealist

  • calamityjanedoe

    This was refreshing to read. I follow many fashion bloggers for their creative abilities in pairing various colors and textures, adventurously reinventing outfits in a way I aspire to do. But more and more, at least in the case for some, I find their relatability and actual “fashion” diminishing as they tend to veer toward excessive marketing, minimal content, and simply lots of gloating.

    I wouldn’t wish anything but happiness to all of these bloggers–they have a great life, good for them?–but to me, fashion blogs are useless unless they’re actually blogs about fashion, not a collection of manipulated images designed to gloat about wealth and/or inspire envy from other women. The latter behavior screams insecurity.

    The value of our lives is not tied to our dress tags, and I don’t think it’s too much to expect the best fashion bloggers to have beauty AND brains.

    • I couldn’t have said this better myself. It doesn’t seem like much to demand (just give us the outfits, or if you’re capable of more, give us some witty commentary), but it seems that the majority of blogs have converged upon some superficial, sponsored, and bland middle point.

  • Janiah Adams

    I really appreciated this post. Everyone displays this great life on social media, but the truth is, everyone is a flawed person with weird habits and that’s totally okay. I think people will relate more with each other if they didn’t make it seem like they were living a perfect, manicured life all the time.

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