Best (and Worst) Holiday Beauty Gifts

December 6

Best and worst last-minute beauty gifts

When you need a last-minute gift, beauty items are an easy way out: who doesn’t love new lip colors or pretty packaging? To help you navigate the best and worst holiday beauty gifts, I thought I’d merge a review post into a shopping post. My recommendations are all items that I have tested.

Holiday beauty gifts to avoid

First up, a general tip: avoid anything in a tub. The contents will dry out faster, and you risk contamination every time you dip your finger inside.

  • I do have to say that the Pressed Serum pictured above is the only moisturizer that works for me, but it looks gross after a few uses.

Instead, try gifting sprays! They’re more sanitary and last longer.

  • Plus, this Ouai wave spray (from the Kardashian’s hair stylist) gives you nice beachy waves with just a few spritzes and scrunches.

Best holiday beauty gifts

Avoid: Glosses. I don’t care if they’re “in” right now. Gloss + winter wind + hair = bad, sticky hair day.

  • The gloss above is Smith and Cult; although I love the packaging, there’s no denying the stickiness.

Gift: A lip color that’s more substantial yet still retains shine.

  • Dior makes a beautiful gloss/satin lipstick. Not only is the color beautiful (I’m wearing it here and here), but the tube proudly displays “DIOR” and looks lovely on anyone’s vanity.
  • In fact, the light pink sheer shade always sells out in Korea, apparently.

Dior Addict Lip Fluid

Above is a close-up of the packaging—anyone would love to see that design on their vanity!

Worst beauty splurge items

Now onto more specific items to avoid:

  • Personally, I dislike the FRESH line of lip tint/balms. They smell sickly sweet and seem really drying, even though they do come in lovely colors and have a fantastic marketing campaign.

Instead, try gifting Jo Malone’s lip balm.

  • Jo is famous for its candles, but you get the same brand name on a great lip balm for much less $$.
  • And I have to say that Jo’s is the best, most nourishing lip balm I have tried—even better than Rosebud’s famous lip balm.

Best makeup and beauty holiday gifts

Lastly, I wanted to end with two items that I believe would make great gifts, no matter who you’re gifting.

Hope this helps cross a few beauty gifts off your list! If you have any questions about the products here, just comment: I have over 90 lipsticks, 20 blushes etc, so I know which ones to avoid and which ones to buy!

  • Great post, loved reading this! And WOW 90 lipsticks?! You make me feel so much better :) also, I think the Two Faced Blush link is the wrong one, just a head’s up.

    ♥ perfectly Priya

    • Oh, thanks for the heads up! I’ll go fix that (and yes, I’m a beauty hoarder :P)