Blue and White Maxi on Deck

January 13
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White blue print maxi dress coverupWhite blue print button up maxi dress

One thing my sister and I didn’t consider while preparing for the cruise was the time we would spend on the boat. My sister and I both under-packed and we were left with long stretches of time where we had to nothing to do (which doesn’t sound that bad on a cruise ship full of food and whirlpools, but we could have maximized our relaxation, you know? :P)

I had an excuse for how sparingly I packed for the cruise, because I went straight from final exam > airplane > home > cruise port. Books wouldn’t have fit in my carryon. And there was no use for electronics when the cruise ship charged $5 per day for access to social media sites and SIXTEEN DOLLARS per day for full Internet access. At these exorbitant prices, my sister and I set out to amuse ourselves by taking pictures and watching movies on the giant screen overlooking the giant pool.

White and blue bird print maxi dressWhite and blue print tassel button up maxi dress

Dress: Sammydress, I found two similar options here: 1) this blue and white swim coverup has longer sleeves 2) this dressier option has a similar print and a sash! // Shoes: Jack Rogers (similar here in metallic) //Bracelets: F21 // Statement necklace: F21 (old), love this similar one from F21

One of the few dresses I did bring on the cruise was this lovely Sammydress blue and white maxi with little buttons all the way up the front. A long time ago, Sammydress had asked to sponsor my blog. To determine the quality of their products, I secretly ordered a few items from their site before agreeing to the sponsorship. This dress was one of the ones I ordered and the quality was decent, but I still turned down the sponsorship because I found out that it was a direct copy of a Spell dress. I should know better than to buy infringing copycat items since I am a lawyer-in-training, so sadly, this dress will be one of the only Sammydress items I will ever own. Still, the print photographs beautifully, just this once!