Lil’ Red Bow Maillot

January 8

Red bow Kate Spade maillotKate Spade red bow maillot swimsuitRed bow maillot on Carnival FreedomRed Kate Spade maillot on Carnival cruise Freedom

I debated a loong time whether to post pictures of me in a swimsuit online. But I took these pictures, so hey, why not share my cruise experience?

Swimsuit: Kate Spade maillot (now on sale for $64) // Towel: Primark, love this lotus towel here (only $6.25) // Blue eyeliner: Wet ‘n’ Wild ($2.99) //

My family sailed on the Carnival Freedom during winter break and loved the experience. The Freedom had 14 decks, and the upper decks were cut away to open onto a pool and movie screen that dominated the center of the boat. You could sit on the upper decks and watch the movie or the kids playing on the decks below.

My sister and I loved spending time on the upper decks (away from the littler kids). Tucked away near the adults-only area was this relatively calm balcony near some giant chess pieces. I thought the chess set was hilarious (who wants to play chess on a tropical cruise?)  and insisted on using them as props for a photoshoot.

Boston is currently sitting in 6 inches of snow, so I think I’m going to take a break from taking outfit photos for a while and use up all my vacation photos. I know it’s January and no one is thinking about spring break yet, but I’ll start linking up some of my favorite swimsuits and accessories in case you’re going away in March. Trust me, searching for swimsuits makes me feel a lot better than watching the snow outside bury me in my apartment. Let’s just call this month Tropical Vacation Month on

  • Sitting here in 16 degree weather, I am getting very envious of the trip you took and how nice and warm you look! What a fun trip this must have been! I love your swimsuit! :)

    • Oh gosh, it’s now 20 degrees here in Cambridge and I’m literally down to posting these photos because I’m too scared to take photos outside anymore. And thank you!

  • Holly Jean Benjamin

    I love that suit! You look amazing! Get me out of this New England weather lol!!

    • I’m feeling the same way haha. Thank you!

  • Loving your one piece and wishing you could send us some of that nice weather!


    • I wish I could’ve brought some of it back with me! thanks <3