Microtrend: Lantern Sleeves

March 11

I don’t often say “I told you so” but let the record reflect that I was ahead of the trend curve last year when I debuted this giant puffy-sleeved dress. It turns out that one of the hottest trends this spring is lantern sleeves, where your sleeves billow out and taper again at the wrist, like a hot air balloon was inflated near your forearm.

Given my love of dramatic clothing, it’s no surprise that I already own a couple of items featuring these blow-up arms. One upside? This trend is actually really slimming because it conceals and exaggerates the shape of your arm. My biceps are definitely toned under this billowy top, guys, promise.

Below are some of my favorite examples of this trend (click on the pic to shop)!

  • dcrunnergirl

    i am a fan of lantern sleeves but i am such a messy eater that i feel like i could never wear them. i am a huge fan of peasant tops though because they flatter my shoulders!

    • I feel the same way about bell sleeves—I’m afraid they would drag in my food! The good thing about lantern sleeves is at least the sleeve tapers at the wrist!