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These Instagram Swim Trends Are 20% Off This Weekend

February 18
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President’s Day sales are never terribly impressive, but with Spring Break coming up, I was happy to see 20% off on my favorite beach trends. Since I was already planning on trying out these trends for the ‘gram, it doesn’t hurt that I’ll be saving some money by ordering them this weekend!

Asos bardot ruffle one piece swim suit

This swimsuit has been making the rounds on IG. That’s not surprising considering that it hits all the checkmarks for ruffles, polka dots, and the off-the-shoulder trend. You can get this exact swimsuit for 20% off, now (and it comes in a two-piece version too: see below)

The gingham print one above is actually my favorite; it’s cute without looking too much like a picnic tablecloth.

Next up on the list of instagram-worthy swim trends are….

Do not disturb script beach hat

I read somewhere that the famous “do not disturb” sun hat has actually been trademarked, but you can still find beach hats that feature other phrases written in a cursive script, or another trendy sunhat tied back with a bow.

I’m actually tempted to make my own script sunhat. All I would need is string and a wide-brim hat, right? How cool/narcissistic would it be to have my blog handle on my sunhat?

Pom pom swim coverups

You can’t scroll past 5 instagram pics without seeing the ubiquitous off-the-shoulder pom pom cover up, so it’s time to admit defeat and try out the trend at last. You can actually get the pink one on the right from Amazon, plus it’s available with Prime shipping!

Bell Sleeves – When Trends Go Too Far?

February 5

When your blog is focused on new fashion, you see some alarming trends come through. Sometimes, I can only stare in bewilderment as my Instagram feed fills with the latest odd item, like I’m the last non-zombie person in a dystopian wasteland who does not own a furry sandal or rose gold sneakers.

One trend that’s coming in hot for spring 2017 is bell sleeves. Sometimes this trend is mixed with last year’s off-the-shoulder trend, creating a garment that is perfect for the woman who has skinny shoulders and fat wrists.

As all trends go, this one can look innocuous in small doses. In fact, some bell-sleeve items are totally work appropriate:

Bell sleeve spring 2017 trend wear to work

1: Black dress  // 2: White pom pom top ($21) // 3: Houndstooth bell sleeve dress //

However, the trend quickly became a mockery of itself, spawning the offspring below:

Spring 2017 trend: bell sleeve wrap tops

1: Gray top ($20) // White tiered bell sleeve top ($21) // Pink top ($23)

How are you supposed to take anyone who wears this seriously? How are you supposed to walk up to the woman wearing the white monstrosity above and say, “Hey Karen in accounting, can I get my tax forms back when you finally disentangle yourself from the jellyfish that are consuming your arms?”

And when the trend is taken to the extreme, the clothing looks like a downright hazard:

Bell sleeve spring 2017 trend

1: Blue gingham dress // 2: Black and white top // 3: White flare sleeve top with bows ($43)

“Oh Karen, I’m so glad you found that picnic blanket that I misplaced! You seem to be wearing it!” At this point, I think the only people that could get away with wearing a trend like this are bloggers who don’t have do any work during the day. How do you type at a computer with such large sleeves covering your fingers? Or write legibly without smearing your ink? If women want to be taken seriously in the office, we can’t go to meetings looking like we have giant flappers for hands, and we shouldn’t look like we are reenacting that romance novel with the hunky pirates on the cover.

But even as I puzzle over how absurd this trend is—who the hell needs 2 yards of fabric for one sleeve?—maybe this trend is actually the ultimate ninja garment. Maybe covering our fingers is a type of office subterfuge, where you cover your work so that Greg can’t steal your ideas and take credit for them. Men can’t manspread on the subway when your sleeves take over the entire subway bench.

And even as I complain about this wasteful trend, I kinda want that white top with the giant sleeves and the unnecessary bows. Giant bell sleeves may not be the most practical, but I would be happy to indulge in a micro-trend that allows me to swoosh around like I have something hidden in my wizard robe sleeves.

Dupe for Less: J. Crew Buffalo Plaid Puffer Vest

September 23
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Cheaper versions of J crew buffalo plaid puffer vest

It’s officially autumn, the start of Han Solo season (that’s where all the girls wear vests, white shirts, and boots like Harrison Ford did in the first few Star Wars movies). J. Crew’s classic buffalo check puffer vest has always symbolized the beginning of cooler weather, but I was not about to pay $120 for a vest that doesn’t even have arms.

I found two dupes for the J. Crew vest: J. Crew factory has a version for only $49.99, but I went a step further and did even better: I found a cheap dupe for only $29.99! Not only does the cheapest dupe come in the EXACT same colors as the J. Crew version, but for that low price, I might buy both colors.

Also, I wanted to bring up that Tory Burch is having a 30% off sale sitewide with code FALL16 when you buy $250 or more. In the past, Tory Burch has tiered promotions where you have to spend more to get the best discount, but now you get a blanket 30% off if you get any of the bags or boots below:

Tory Burch fall 2016 sale

1: Dress // 2: Ankle boots // 3: Robinson tote // 4: Riding boots // 5: Embroidered blouse // 6: Phone wristlet // 7: Heeled Blossom boots

Insta-buys for October 1 – Fall’s Newest Arrivals

October 1

I’m not ashamed to admit it—I online-browse a lot more than I should. Heck, I’ll even admit that I might have been on today in class. My internet procrastination helps me find tons of chic items for fall—but by the time I purchase and post about these goodies, they might already be sold out. This new weekly column will update you on the coolest new trends as they’re released!

Cute outfit shopping list for fall featuring pink Hunter boots and red plaid moto jacket

1: Pink rainboots // 2: Red plaid moto jacket // 3: Burgundy faux leather and faux fur moto jacket // 4: Colorblock poncho shawl // 5: Gray Lunchpail crossbody // 6: Too Faced Makeup Kit // 7: // Red bow pumps

First off, everyone in Boston seems to be obsessed with Hunter boots, and this pale pink pair instantly caught my eye. The color will also last me until spring, when I get sick of wearing the same black snow boots everyday, by helping me add some color to my wardrobe without freezing to death.

Speaking of cold, I know I will end up buying either this plaid moto jacket or furry burgundy moto jacket—but it’s just a matter of whether I ultimately land on the side of the plaid print vs. the fur collar.

But perhaps what I’m most excited to add to my cart is the Le Palais Makeup Kit from Too Faced. It comes in a pink striped, Victoria’s Secret-esque box. I’m already justifying the price tag by focusing on how many parties I will have to attend in the coming weeks, and how this beauty of a makeup kit will help me nail my look for every one of those soirees.

And while I’m on the topic of the parties in the upcoming months, I couldn’t help but add these red bow pumps to my wishlist as well—because a good pair of party shoes will last me well until January. Or until next week, when I make another “Insta-buy” post with the best new arrivals around the Internet.