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Law School Prom – Barrister’s Ball

March 27

This past Saturday was a blur of preparation for our law school prom, the “Barrister’s Ball.” I had ordered a sequin dress in a “tall” size, so I spent Saturday morning trying to hem it shorter. Turns out you can’t cut or sew through sequins, so I improvised and hot glued (you read that right) the hem until it fell right at my ankle. Please don’t look too closely at the bottom of my dress!

Barristers Ball Harvard law school - black tie formal sequin gownBlack tie law school formal - tux and green sequin gownShimmery green sequin maxi dress for black tie formal galaDress: ASOS (on sale for $38) // Shoes: exact dupe here from Steve Madden ($42) // Lipstick: NARS // I’m also wearing a small black locket choker // Smokey eye done with the Balm’s Nude Tude palette // And I have to credit my trusty, 3-year old hair curler

Despite the rain, my friends and I were committed to taking photos outside the cathedral-like building nearby. We walked over in our overcoats, took the coats off to take a pic, put the coats back on to look at whether the picture turned out properly, repeat x 1000.

We were really good at smiling through the muggy weather (and I also filtered all the pictures so that our freezing red hands turned out normal colored). I always joke that one of the benefits of befriending me is that you’ll get free high quality photo sessions. I do take a lot of photos, so I might as well put that skill to use.

Barristers Ball - Harvard Law School black tie formal

Before the ball, we gathered at a seafood restaurant for a fancy meal just like how high schoolers do a fancy dinner before high school prom. The restaurant we went to (Oceanaire) had really fresh tuna and oysters, and I loved the “chicken fried lobster” that I ordered. I would have ordered more cocktails if they weren’t $14 a piece, because the Blackberry drink and the sangria were amazing.

Once we got to the hotel for the Ball, I will admit I spent a good half hour taking pictures with everyone I hadn’t seen in a long time. The venue was very classy and beautiful; even the bathrooms had amazing lighting.

Fairmont Copley Plaza hotel venue

The highlight of my evening was when my boyfriend and I taught another couple how to ballroom dance. I had no idea that my boyfriend was such a good dancer, and it was a lot of fun getting tossed around and learning the steps with another happy couple. I ended up with really sore feet (who knew that heels with only two straps would be uncomfortable, right?) but I woke up with a smile today having had one of the best experiences of my law school career.

Church of Christian Science - backdrop for our black tie formal pictures

Easy Airport Style

March 20

Outfit inspiration for flying and travelingPink bow wallet with gold hardwareOutfit inspiration for travel and long flightsBell sleeve sweater with black trim and pink bow walletRose gold sunglasses and gray tassel earrings

I just got back from spring break in Nashville and Alabama! My girlfriends and I couldn’t help but notice how the women were much more meticulous with their bright colors and makeup down south. That might explain why this traveling outfit looks so ~southern~ with its monogram necklace and tassel earrings—I was just trying to fit in, y’all.

Sweater: Primark, exact dupe here // Sunglasses: Romwe // Earrings: TJMaxx, dupe here from Baublebar // Necklace: Etsy // Coat: Banana Republic, exact same from ASOS here // Wallet: DSW, similar for $38 // Flats: Sam Edelman

This would be a perfect travel outfit for any location if you’re flying. One of my biggest blogging pet peeves (ok, I have plenty) is when bloggers try to pretend that they wear heels while flying. Bright flats are the way to go if you want to look polished and stay comfortable: Sam Edelman makes this pair in a bunch of colors and they are more comfortable than Tory Burch’s signature flats, in my opinion (and cheaper)!

One thing TSA did make me do was throw away a bunch of beauty products that I had foolishly kept in a small pocket of my suitcase. I totally forgot about the size regulations on liquids so I had to say goodbye to several key hair products. Maybe this is a chance to try some new hair items?

The Skirt You Need for Spring

March 13
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Spring outfit inspo - Pink pleated skirt and striped sweaterPink pleated skirt and trench coat - Easy spring outfit inspirationToo Faced Melted Violet lipstickMarbled Zip wristlet

I have worn this skirt so many times that I had to stop taking outfit pictures because it would be obvious that I was on a pink-skirt spree.

Sweater: Primark (similar here for $7) // Skirt: ASOS ($29) // Lipstick: Too Faced “Violet” // Trench coat: similar here from Macy’s // Marbled wristlet: similar here from Etsy

This is one of my favorite recent photo shoots; the wind was actually so strong that my camera tipped over. That’s one of the dangers of taking photos by yourself with a tripod. Weather conditions can frustrate or end a photo session. Yet can you blame me for taking the risk? It’s hard to get pictures of an outfit in motion with a timer, but the wind helped give my skirt some volume. Now time to purchase some insurance for my camera in case it does tip over one day..

White Lace Up Swimsuit

March 6
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White Lace Up front and side swimsuitWhite lace up side swimsuit on the Carnival Freedom cruiseLace up swimsuit in white lace and tassel braceletsWhite lace up front and sides Lurelly swimsuit

It’s one more week until spring break for me! While I know that I have a ton of assignments and essays due right after spring break, the prospect of temporarily running away from it all (literally) is still quite attractive.

Swimsuit: Lurelly ($$$), cheaper alternatives below // Sunglasses: here are the exact ones from F21 // Colored Contacts: Air Optix in “Brilliant Blue” // Bracelets: Charlotte Russe ($3) // Earrings: F21, similar here from F21

I hope you’re off to somewhere warm for spring break! I’m vacationing with my law school section friends. First stop is Nashville, before we disappear off the grid for a few days at a friend’s lake house.

I’d been hoping to replace my ratty old suitcase before this trip and finally bit the bullet on purchasing this vintage cream and tan set. I’ll have a full review when it arrives in a few days. I’ve honestly never seen a more Instagrammable suitcase set. I’d be lying if I said that the suitcase design didn’t factor into my decision to get it for Spring break.

Hope you have safe travels!

White eyelet off the shoulder dress on the Carnival Freedom cruise

Embroidered Tunic with Bell Sleeves

March 2
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Romwe embroidered bell sleeve tunic and side lace up jeansRomwe embroidered bell sleeve tunic

Lace up side black jeans and Shein embroidered bell sleeve tunicNine West lace up stiletto ankle bootsEmbroidered tassel bell sleeve tunic top

My last theater show has finally wrapped up! I told you about the HLS production (“Harry Palsgraf: Fantastic Briefs and Where to Find Them”) a few posts ago, and now that it’s over, I’ve already started missing my actors and the thrill of performing.

Top: Romwe // Jeans: Express, dupe here for $22 // Boots: Vince Camuto

(Also, now that the show is over, I can spill the beans on the plot: In our show, several “evil” professors at HLS—we chose our fave professors for these roles—bring back the Dark Scholar to turn Harvard into a school of suffering. The hero of the story is Harry Palsgraf, an orphan who has never had anything good happen to him ever since he interned for the Clinton campaign and bought a Samsung Galaxy Note S7).

I honestly can’t believe that my time in drama is basically over: I’ve worked with the same tech crew and actors for nearly all three years, met new faces every year, and hopefully created a legacy of fun and laughter that will last long after I’m gone. Law school can be a burdensome and depressing time for a lot of students, so our show every year has tried to live up to Dumbledore’s quote: “Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”