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Lil’ Red Bow Maillot

January 8

Red bow Kate Spade maillotKate Spade red bow maillot swimsuitRed bow maillot on Carnival FreedomRed Kate Spade maillot on Carnival cruise Freedom

I debated a loong time whether to post pictures of me in a swimsuit online. But I took these pictures, so hey, why not share my cruise experience?

Swimsuit: Kate Spade maillot (now on sale for $64) // Towel: Primark, love this lotus towel here (only $6.25) // Blue eyeliner: Wet ‘n’ Wild ($2.99) //

My family sailed on the Carnival Freedom during winter break and loved the experience. The Freedom had 14 decks, and the upper decks were cut away to open onto a pool and movie screen that dominated the center of the boat. You could sit on the upper decks and watch the movie or the kids playing on the decks below.

My sister and I loved spending time on the upper decks (away from the littler kids). Tucked away near the adults-only area was this relatively calm balcony near some giant chess pieces. I thought the chess set was hilarious (who wants to play chess on a tropical cruise?)  and insisted on using them as props for a photoshoot.

Boston is currently sitting in 6 inches of snow, so I think I’m going to take a break from taking outfit photos for a while and use up all my vacation photos. I know it’s January and no one is thinking about spring break yet, but I’ll start linking up some of my favorite swimsuits and accessories in case you’re going away in March. Trust me, searching for swimsuits makes me feel a lot better than watching the snow outside bury me in my apartment. Let’s just call this month Tropical Vacation Month on BeautyVBrains.com.

Marbled – You Never Know Who You’ll Meet at Starbucks

September 26

Marbled clutch and destroyed knee denimRipped hole jeans at knees and marbled clutchDestroyed knee jeans and leopard kitty heel Sam EdelmanHoop tassel earrings and high neck ruffle shirt

Top: Forever 21 (almost sold out, but I have seen this restocked twice) // Earrings: Forever 21 // Jeans: Missguided // Heels: Sam Edelman // Lip color: Melted Nude

Everyone’s heard the adage, “you’ll never know who you’ll sit down next to at the airport/Starbucks/a restaurant.” I didn’t know how true this saying was until yesterday. I was editing these pictures at a Starbucks because the local coffee shop ran out of seats when two men sat down next to me.

One of them took over my bench and I was not very happy about it, until they asked me if I was a graphic artist. I told them that I was fashion blogging instead. Instantly, they lit up and asked me for my card and offered to invite me to a show THAT NIGHT downtown. They were a photographer and aspiring magazine owner. I couldn’t believe my luck.

I mean, it just so happened that the local coffee shop didn’t have seats, it just so happened that these two men sat next to me, and it just so happened that I had my business cards on me because I had been at College Fashion Week this weekend. After telling me that “there’s a reason for everything,” the two men left me with a press pass to a show starring Nathalia Jmag from Project Runway.

I’ll post a roundup of my exciting experience later this week, because I’m still counting my lucky stars that I even got to attend!

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Old College Staples

September 7
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Fall outfit ideas - green parka and cream lace dressSuede wrap lace up sandalsWhite lace dress and green military parkaMarina Collections bib necklace

Dress: Urban Outfitters (old), similar here from F21 // Jacket: H&M, similar here from Express // Shoes: Aldo // Necklace: similar here from Windsor

When I was in college, I had the habit of buying the shortest dresses I could find (perhaps as a rebellion against my parents’ dress code?). Now, whenever I return home to visit my parents, they like to bring up my collection of obscenely short clothes to tease me. Well, the joke’s on them: I managed to restyle my little lace dress!

I’m wiser now, so I wear the dress with a slip underneath instead of with just a bralette (the slip hides some shorts, so I don’t flash anyone!) (I’m no longer interested in risky clothing, thank goodness). Paired with some suede lace up wrap sandals and a statement necklace, I think I managed to get in the last word about my questionable college choices. Parents, your move!

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Vintage Abercrombie

September 2
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White pleated abercrombie skirt and platform loafersWhite abercrombie vintage sweatshirtLight blue satchelWhite abercrombie vintage logo sweatshirt pull over

Sweatshirt: Abercrombie ($28) (it’s reversible and the other side says “NEW YORK” // Skirt: Abercrombie, similar here from Express ($29) // Bag: F21, dupe for this satchel // Shoes: gifted, similar here

As you can see, I’m trying to get all my white in before Labor Day (not really. You can pry my white jeans and dresses from my cold, freezing-in-Boston-in-the-winter body). However, I have been on the hunt for some toasty sweatshirts for fall, and found some surprisingly lovely picks at one of my old haunts: Abercrombie. While I don’t shop there as much as I used to in high school, I have to say that their logo brings back a lot of nostalgia—and the soft material is perfect for a pullover that I will be snuggling all of autumn.

It’s Still Summer, People

August 31

Michael Kors Gabriella bag and off the shoulder white topOff the shoulder white blouse and ripped jeansWhite off the shoulder top and purple Sam Edelman flatsBow tie faux leather chokerMichael Kors straw picnic basket bag and roses

Top: Lulu’s, similar here from Urban Outfitters // Jeans: Charlotte Russe // Shoes: Sam Edelman // Bag: Michael Kors // Necklacehere from Asos

Youth is wasted on the young, they say. In the same way, the end of summer is wasted on the fashion industry and the blogosphere. In the past week (mind I remind you that we are still in August?), I have seen countless blog outfits featuring boots and scarves. Retailers are pushing thigh-high boots while I am still by the pool, tanning my thighs in the sun.

Let us enjoy the last of warm weather, I say; summer does last 3 more weeks. Why are we in such a hurry to rush through life? We as a society make Pinterest boards for weddings when we are years away from being married, start making pumpkin spice products earlier and earlier each year, and take Instagram shots of sweaters and booties in 80 degree weather. Autumn will come, as will all things: age and time and death claims us all in the end (*dramatic music*).

I’m being hyperbolic, of course, but there is more to existence than pre-shopping for the next season. This outfit is a perfect example of how I’m soaking in the warm summer sun in preparation for being buried alive in scarves until next May. Now, join me outside by the pool!