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White Lace Up Swimsuit

March 6
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White Lace Up front and side swimsuitWhite lace up side swimsuit on the Carnival Freedom cruiseLace up swimsuit in white lace and tassel braceletsWhite lace up front and sides Lurelly swimsuit

It’s one more week until spring break for me! While I know that I have a ton of assignments and essays due right after spring break, the prospect of temporarily running away from it all (literally) is still quite attractive.

Swimsuit: Lurelly ($$$), cheaper alternatives below // Sunglasses: here are the exact ones from F21 // Colored Contacts: Air Optix in “Brilliant Blue” // Bracelets: Charlotte Russe ($3) // Earrings: F21, similar here from F21

I hope you’re off to somewhere warm for spring break! I’m vacationing with my law school section friends. First stop is Nashville, before we disappear off the grid for a few days at a friend’s lake house.

I’d been hoping to replace my ratty old suitcase before this trip and finally bit the bullet on purchasing this vintage cream and tan set. I’ll have a full review when it arrives in a few days. I’ve honestly never seen a more Instagrammable suitcase set. I’d be lying if I said that the suitcase design didn’t factor into my decision to get it for Spring break.

Hope you have safe travels!

White eyelet off the shoulder dress on the Carnival Freedom cruise

Flamingo One Piece – Lunch on Caye Caulker

January 20

Flamingo one piece swimsuit on Caye CaulkerFlamingo one piece swimsuit and pom pom beach towel

A short post today! With how much I love food, I’m surprised I haven’t already posted about lunch on the little island of Caye Caulker.

Swimsuit: K-mart (old), love this flamingo suit from Sperry here or this Kate Spade flamingo print ($34 for bottoms) // Towel: Primark, similar mandala print here

Lunch on Caye Caulker

After frolicking with sharks and rays (see last post!), our tour group made a pitstop in a little restaurant. The tour guides already had us order ahead, and we were pleasantly surprised by how American-ized the food was. My kebab could have come from any food stand in NYC. We also had some time to walk around and admire the colorful buildings on the island, and I took way too many pictures because everything was so colorful and bright.

Caye Caulker buildings

I didn’t end up getting a souvenir, but if I had my choice, I would’ve gone with these sassy bags:

You betta belize it souvenir bags

The weird thing about Belize was that you had to take a ferry from the cruise ship to the pier because the cruise ship couldn’t dock in the coral reefs near the shoreline. This meant that it ultimately took us 1.5 hours to ferry back from the cutest island of Caye Caulker to our ship. I ended up sleeping most of the way, thanks to the filling meal and the lull of the waves. I already miss the bright blue waters and huts on Caye Caulker though; I plan to return one day!

Sharks and Rays in Caye Caulker

January 17

White bell sleeve off the shoulder dress in Caye CaulkerWhite tiered bell sleeve off the shoulder dressWhite off the shoulder dress and straw hat in Belize bayPom pom straw beach bag and blue Jack Rogers wedge sandals

I’m the kind of girl who hates roller coasters but loves to pet sharks.

Dress: Shein (last summer), love this year’s version here // Shoes: Jack Rogers // Bag: Primark, similar here // Hat: Primark, exact copy from Target here // Sunglasses: Forever 21 ($7.90) // Choker: Forever 21, Boohoo has it for $5

I found out how much I love sharks and rays on the Belize leg of our vacation, which had to be one of my favorite experiences ever. Once we docked in Belize, we took a boat to Caye Caulker, a little island that had been split into two by a hurricane (!!). Once there, we were led to a snorkeling area where my sister and dad finally got to see some coral (if you read my last post, they both hated snorkeling initially because they kept getting salt water in their snorkels).

Then we boarded a small guide boat and moved into shallower waters where the captain began throwing small fishes overboard. Within seconds, a swarm of curious nurse sharks came close to the boat, followed by giant rays that were easily 4 feet across. We got to swim in the midst of these cute creature and I was shocked at how they were unafraid of humans. I didn’t bring an underwater camera but I wouldn’t have used it even if I had one. I was too overwhelmed because I was surrounded on all sides by sharks (they actually have huge heads and look really adorable, like a stuffed plushie come to life) and rays the size of a blanket were swimming under my feet. I felt like I was in a moving tapestry of sea life and I could only gawk in awe.

Sharks and Rays Carnival Cruises

The guide brought a shark and ray up to the surface so we could pet them as well. The sharks felt like sandpaper and the eels were slimy and soft! An errant eel also came up to the group while I was standing right next to the guide (who was feeding all these creatures) and the eel swam straight through my legs on his way to get his share of the food!

I can’t recommend this experience more; it was the highlight of my cruise and worth the 2-hour boat ride back and forth to Caye Caulker. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m about to order a life-sized nurse shark plushie from Amazon.

Lil’ Red Bow Maillot

January 8

Red bow Kate Spade maillotKate Spade red bow maillot swimsuitRed bow maillot on Carnival FreedomRed Kate Spade maillot on Carnival cruise Freedom

I debated a loong time whether to post pictures of me in a swimsuit online. But I took these pictures, so hey, why not share my cruise experience?

Swimsuit: Kate Spade maillot (now on sale for $64) // Towel: Primark, love this lotus towel here (only $6.25) // Blue eyeliner: Wet ‘n’ Wild ($2.99) //

My family sailed on the Carnival Freedom during winter break and loved the experience. The Freedom had 14 decks, and the upper decks were cut away to open onto a pool and movie screen that dominated the center of the boat. You could sit on the upper decks and watch the movie or the kids playing on the decks below.

My sister and I loved spending time on the upper decks (away from the littler kids). Tucked away near the adults-only area was this relatively calm balcony near some giant chess pieces. I thought the chess set was hilarious (who wants to play chess on a tropical cruise?)  and insisted on using them as props for a photoshoot.

Boston is currently sitting in 6 inches of snow, so I think I’m going to take a break from taking outfit photos for a while and use up all my vacation photos. I know it’s January and no one is thinking about spring break yet, but I’ll start linking up some of my favorite swimsuits and accessories in case you’re going away in March. Trust me, searching for swimsuits makes me feel a lot better than watching the snow outside bury me in my apartment. Let’s just call this month Tropical Vacation Month on BeautyVBrains.com.